Top Low Calorie Fruits

With summer approaching there is nothing so satisfying then biting into a yummy juicy piece of fruit

Check out these top low calorie fruits.


Calorie count:  58 in a medium fruit

Peachy keen, indeed. With over two grams of fiber per serving and a moderate amount of vitamins A and C, it’s the perfect snack and salad garnish.


Calorie count: 52 in 1 half

Grapefruit halves have become the breakfast fruit for good reason, they add an extra pep to your morning, packing over half of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C and two grams of fiber.


Calorie count: 53 in one cup diced

Protect your immune system and eyesight with this vitamin A- and C-packed melon that also offers one and a half grams of fiber.


Calorie count: 37 in one cup diced

At 92 percent water, it contributes towards your eight cups of water a day, packs tons of disease-fighting antioxidant lycopene and half a gram of fiber per serving.


Calorie count: 62 in one cup diced

This tropical fruit packs three grams of fiber, tons of vitamin C, folate and potassium, and a sweet-yet-creamy taste in minimal calories.


Calorie count: 49 in one cup halved

Fun fact: These berries aren’t actually berries since their seeds are on the outside. You’ll get three grams of fiber and a healthy dose of vitamin C and manganese.


Calorie count: 59 in three-quarters cup sliced

We’re used to them dried, but raw, you get more bang for your bite. Loads of vitamin C and A, plus a refreshing and tart juice


Blueberries are popular berries that serve as a great source of vitamin K.0

Calories count  84 in one cup

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