I am Back



Yes, it has been quite a long time, what
Happened? Well on April 3rd 2019 I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy . I took some time off to reflect on life and enjoy my baby ,see him grow up and here we are. 7 Months later? yes that’s right, and i’m so glad i did it. I learned a lot about myself ,being a mom and a wife.

What else is new? well i got the shock of my life when i realized after giving birth my body was not what it used to be. I gained 20 kg’s and a lot of flab. I was not sure how i was going to be able to lose this weight while learning how to be a mom and still have the time to be a great wife and get back in to shape. Was it hard? YES!!

Here i am now lost 22 kg’s and now i am working on gaining back the muscle that i lost. 240 days of healthy meals, 180 days of training. Some days I had to train at night, other days at 4 am in the mornings,but it got me here. Most will say i don’t have time,you make time! even if you start with 1 healthy meal a day, 1 training session a week, it is a START.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Please stay tuned for lots of content. Healthy recipes including baby/Toddler Recipes.

Do not forget to DM or Email me if you are interested in a Health plan. I will also most definitely share my journey back to health with you SOON!!

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