Then and Now

There is not one person who’s pregnancy will be the same as the next. Some my gain loads of weight, others not. Some have more stretch marks ,swollen feet,high blood pressure, re-flux and Morning sickness. But we all have something in common .We all became mothers. Do not compare yourself to other pregnant mommies, they might go through something else that you don’t have to deal with.

My pregnancy was hard, i gained a lot of weight,struggled with morning sickness and night time sickness (well that’s what i call it) I had re-flux but gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy.

My then and my now definitely differs, I felt so huge even though i ate healthy most of the time. Now i am 9 months Postpartum and i feel good even though i still have flabby skin (working on it). The most important part is HOW DO YOU FEEL?

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